About Us

Star Hire Partners exists to help Employers hire better people by improving their evaluation process, and to help Job-seekers find better jobs faster by improving their search process.

When it comes to hiring, the key players usually don’t understand each other.

  • Employers don’t remember what it’s like to look for a job.
  • And Job-seekers don’t understand what it’s like to look for the right employee.

ThePointEmployers don’t understand what it’s like to send out 5 or 10 or 20 resumes, and to never get any feedback on any of them. Employers don’t understand what it’s like to spend your last few bucks buying a new shirt or pair of shoes for an interview, only to realize that you never really had a shot at the job anyway.

On the other hand, Job-seekers don’t understand what it’s like to get resumes from 50 people who can’t spell and haven’t taken the time to understand a carefully-written job description. Job-seekers don’t understand that when they make a poor first impression the employer does not have time to give them a second chance.

The problem for employers is that a thorough and objective employee search necessitates a performance sacrifice to their core business. People that are normally working to advance the company’s mission have to be diverted temporarily to the tasks of reading resumes and conducting interviews. Normally they do so with the attitude of making the interruption as short as possible. And that is simply not an effective talent/fit evaluation strategy.

Interestingly, the problem for job-seekers is similar. Many of them have multiple talents, but resume-writing and self-marketing are rarely among those talents.  The result is that often the image conveyed in the resume bears almost no resemblance to the person represented by the resume. So employers say “No” to a person who doesn’t exist but never get to evaluate the real person. We help job-seekers to concisely articulate their skills and experience in a way that’s easy for employers to spot.